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Marzadro, La Trentina morbida

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Soft Aged Trentino Barrique grappa was born in the Marzadro di Rogaredo company as the maximum expression of softness.
The pomace of typical vines of the region such as Moscato, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer, are distilled in a water bath in a discontinuous steam alembic still and subsequently, the grappa is aged for a few months in the same barrels used for the aging of the Stravecchia Le Diciotto Lune grappa .
This passage gives La Trentina Barrique characteristic woody aromatic aromas, with an inevitable olfactory appeal to Le Diciotto Lune, with its ethereal and vanilla scents. The structure is very soft and velvety, with perfect persistence.
Excellent to serve smooth as the conclusion of an important dinner.

Alcoholic % : 41