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Company Background

Pantry Centrale is the project of two passionate individuals with over twenty years of experience in the food retail industry. Having earned the trust of loyal customers over those years and now riding on the back of an excellent reputation, they are now ready to team up for a new adventure to bring you a fresh experience and to serve you with passion and expertise. 

Born for Hospitality 

Elisa is a Hong Kong born local entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in hospitality. Inspired by the Italian culture of her husband, Massimo, Elisa strives to capture the authenticity and quality of European food, as well as to provide a friendly and personal experience to her clients.  Elisa is skillful in human resources and front of house operations.  She loves working with her hands and getting job satisfaction from day to day operations through meeting and serving her clients.  In addition, Elisa also hosts and caters family and corporate event, including in the fields of finance and high-end fashion brands, and works with renowned hotels to supply celebratory hampers.  Her professional reputation has made her  a success in the F&B industry.

Symbol of Italian Culture

Massimo has lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years and speaks (somewhat) fluent Cantonese.  Being brought up in Venice, Italy, he had travelled through the canals with his father as fisherman, and developed an appreciation for fresh quality food and a family-oriented lifestyle.  With his in-born appreciation for fine beverages and gastronomic know-how, Massimo, as the helmsman of the business, brings the best of European culinary culture and food products to Hong Kong people.