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Novello 2022 (500ml)

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‘Novello’ is the newly cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the latest harvest with limited production. It is an extraordinary product that encompasses all the best qualities that can be found in an olive oil. Unfiltered and intensely fruity, ‘Novello’ is a young olive oil that expresses all its aromas and flavors with great freshness.

Varietals and Method of Harvest

The varieties of olives used are Biancolilla, Ogliarola, and Cerasuola (all natives of Sicily), grown in Palermo, Agrigento, and Trapani provinces. They are carefully picked from their branches during the month of November and crushed on the same day using traditional granite presses to extract the oil.


‘Novello’s taste is well-balanced and harmonious with an initial fruity aroma and slightly peppery after taste, signifying the freshness of the olive oil.